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Music against poverty

Vizitaţi site-ul următor (click) şi votaţi melodia Broken Dream Playground (cântată de REplay), este reprezentanta României la un concurs internaţional intitulat „Music against poverty”. Sigur o să vă placă melodie şi trebuie să câştige 😀
Puteţi vota pe fiecare zi!

One night I dreamt the strangest thing…
There was a guitar in the alley
And a child was playing it\’s sole string,
Hoping he could make some money.

Nobody wants to know my name
Or taste my bitter sorrow.
Nobody wants to take the blame
For a child with no tomorrow.
Nobody wants to join my game
Of loneliness and tears.
Nobody wants to feel the shame
For a child\’s broken dreams.

And as I stood there wondering
Should I be leaving/staying?
I couldn\’t help not noticing
That the child began praying:

Oh dear Lord I may be small
But I\’ve known some great sorrow;
So help me up, don\’t let me fall
For new hope shines tomorrow.
And dear kind Lord, I thank You so!
For I should feel no shame
That in this world some people think
A child\’s life\’s a game.

This is no dream…
This is my life!
So please, help me save it!

I\’ll win this game!
I\’ll fight and strife!
Somehow I will make it!


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